Why Choose ACS?

Advantage Computer Solutions offers an outstanding level of computer training and consulting for both individuals and companies, with many distinct advantages over seminar training.

  1. Training is done at your location, which is not only more convenient for you, but allows you to learn on your own computer and software version.
  2. Unlike a seminar where people typically sit for up to seven or eight hours a day to “learn” a computer program, Advantage Computer Solutions offers one-hour sessions, giving you an opportunity to practice and absorb what is learned before taking another session.
  3. The private training offered allows you the chance to learn at your own pace, and to ask any and all questions.
  4. Seminar training necessarily covers a curriculum set out by the training company, which may include a significant amount of time spent on areas that are not needed by the individual attending. The training offered by Advantage Computer Solutions is designed specifically for the needs of the individual, and if certain areas are more important to you, an appropriate amount of time can be spent on that area.
  5. Advantage Computer Solutions teaches a great number of shortcuts and techniques not covered by seminar training.

Advantage Computer Solutions also offers all levels of programming, web design and repairs and networking services.